Creative Ways To Use Google’s Keyword Planner Tool


Creative Ways To Use Google’s Keyword Planner Tool

A Google Keyword Planner is a tool designed to help marketers discover some crucial keywords and find the data for some keywords, such as ad pricing and competition. If you use Google ads, you should start incorporating all the search ads into a disciplined marketing strategy.

A Google keyword planner is the type of tool that every digital marketer needs to be acquainted with. This tool is a great way to analyze and discover the keywords to target in the campaigns. This is a great place to begin if you want to look out for the right keywords for your business.

Following are the five ways you can use Google keyword planner-

1. Choose the low-volume and high-reward keywords.

You should know which products, keywords and services deliver the most profit. Using this information, once can create a detailed list of all seed keywords and then launch a proper strategic plan. The low-volume keywords give you a unique opportunity to target the topics relevant to your target audience. They also help build interest. These keywords are also better as there are better odds of them working out than high-volume ones. These keywords also target topics that are highly relevant.

2. Sort the keyword by intent.

Sorting the keywords by intent in the Google Keyword planner is essential. Keyword intent is a critical concept that helps you better meet the users’ needs and match your content. When diagnosing the conversion issues, your first step is analyzing the keywords by intent. Mentioned below are the four types of keyword intent-

  • Commercial intent.
  • Transactional intent.
  • Navigational intent.
  • Informational intent.

3. Take keyword ideas from your competitors.

It is important to target the competitor keywords that help you appear on the same SERPs as your competitors. Doing thorough competitors’ research gives you precious insight into how and why the competing web pages are doing better than you.

A competitor analysis helps you give the data necessary for making relevant changes and identifying issues in your campaign. Using a tool like Google keyword planner will provide you with the information essential to make all the solid decisions for taking keyword ideas from your competitors. You also have the liberty to input any webpage your competitors outrank for and discover several other types of keyword ideas.

4. Optimize keywords by device.

Keyword optimization is very important as it drives qualified traffic to your website. For driving all the searchers to your site, you must optimize for the keywords they are searching for.

You can optimize the landing pages for mobile devices and insert a call-to-action. This curates a strong brand presence on the local directories.

5. Bid on the branded keywords.

If you have run out of all the keyword ideas, you should bid on the branded keywords and redirect the user searchers to your website. Following are the advantages on bidding on branded keywords-

  • They have lower costs.
  • They gain a higher CTR.
  • They build an exposure for your brand..