Yoga Teacher Trainings In Rishikesh India


Yoga Teacher Trainings In Rishikesh India

The ancient subject and practice of yoga has been in existence ever since as long as 3000 BCE, its roots being associated to the Indus Valley Civilisation. Today this great art form has grown beyond the horizons and reached out to multiple nations .

Yoga – a trending art

As per research, the popularity of yoga has soared high for different reasons. Achieving stress relief is a common reason in the USA , as more Americans are believed to have been adopting yoga by 2023. On the other hand, yoga is practiced in UK as a means to general well-being. The residents of China consider yoga as a form of sport practiced by the rich! In fact, it ranks among the third in the list of popular sports of Chinese millionaires.

Scope for yoga as a career and standing out above the rest

Yoga though ancient, is yet considered equally relevant in today’s era of AI , as it was in the stone age. As a matter of fact , the industry of yoga has carved a significant niche among the fitness industry, health and wellness arena and also amidst the industry of mental health – the three of these being multi-billion $ sectors. This increasing trend of the subject and its innumerable and amazing benefits it brings with it are indicators of an undoubtedly huge scope for yoga for those looking at it from a career perspective. Be it a corporate , a school , a gym , the demand for yoga professionals goes beyond just a yoga center or studio. Added to this demand is the increasing competition among yoga professionals in the teaching arena or owning yoga studios , each wanting to stand out and be the best among the lot. This in turn has lead to the demand for professional yoga teacher training courses with a valid recognition such as that by Yoga Alliance International which adds an edge to the overall program and qualification earned by the participant after graduating. India – being the original source of the conception and birth of yoga, is a good idea if you are planning on a yoga teacher training course for that professional edge and Rishikesh – being the yoga capital of the world is a must- visit when in India. So this 2023 , your bucket list should have India, Rishikesh and Yoga on the priority! Know more about the 9 best yoga teacher trainings in Rishikesh India 2023.

1 . Akshi Yogashala .

Being one among the 9 best yoga teacher trainings in Rishikesh India 2023, the yoga school emphasises and believes in personalised lessons and hence miniature batch sizes and 1:1 ratio in terms of attention to each , are part of their 200 hour yoga teacher training program conducted by them.

2 . Rishikul Yogshala .

The list of the 9 best yoga teacher trainings in Rishikesh India 2023 also includes Rishikul Yogshala which is an “eco-friendly” school that encourages the concepts of sustainable living and usage of an eco-friendly approach in their practices. In addition to yoga teacher training course , you will find other courses here throughout the year such as yoga retreats, workshops and so on that also aim to lead one onto the yogic journey within a shorter time frame.

3 . Siddhi Yoga .

This learning center of yoga facilitates informative daily yoga classes, productive workshops and lecture sessions on the comprehensive yoga related topics through its 200 hour professional yoga program on teacher training and is yet another significant part of the 9 best yoga teacher trainings in Rishikesh India 2023 .

4 . Parmarth Niketan .

The exceptional premises of this age-old and one of the largest ashrams in Rishikesh, is what mainly lures visitors from the entire nation and world here to take part in their highly immersive yoga teacher training courses ranging from 200 hour to 500 hour yoga teacher training. If you have a keen bent of mind towards experiencing the traditional ‘ashram life’, then here lies your chance. And this is the reason why this yoga school is included among the 9 best yoga teacher trainings in Rishikesh India 2023

5. Vinyasa Yogashala .

The 200 hour hatha , ashtanga , vinyasa yoga teacher training features Reiki and sound healing in addition to the other general topics on asanas, pranayama, philosophy etc. For those looking forward to step out of their comfort zone and challenge themselves , Vinyasa Yogashala is just the right decision to enroll for.

6 . Rishikesh Yog Temple .

A beginner-friendly 200 hour yoga teacher training in this yoga school includes free Indian cooking classes and Heena art and stone art classes apart from academic learning which incorporates the ancient yoga styles of ashtanga ,hatha, vinyasa yoga, yin yoga, acro yoga and general yoga.

7 . Jiva Yoga Academy .

The main objective of Jiva Yoga Academy’s 200 hour yoga teacher training with Emotion Blockage Therapy in India is to enable the authentic experience of Ayurveda and Emotional Blockage Therapy with the other forms of Ashtanga, and Hatha yoga.

8 . Rishikesh Yoga Home .

The 13 day 100 hour yoga teacher training of this yoga center is designed to create holistic health trips and follow multi-style yogic practices.

9 . Himalayan Yoga Association .

One of the finest institutions of its kind, 200 hour, 300 hour and 500 hour yoga teacher training programs follow the traditional path of yogic teachings as passed on in their original form. These courses abide by the structure as prescribed by Yoga Alliance International and are hence upto the mark in terms of quality, and comprehensibility. For those preferring shorter duration courses, the yoga school also facilitates yoga retreat programs of 3 days to 11 days in Rishikesh to suit the preferences of participants. Apart from the main course, the presence of other productive activities keep students engaged throughout and add to the enriching experience at this exclusive yoga school in Rishikesh, India.